How does a non-profit organization apply for this opportuntiy?

Fill out our questionnaire, and email to Jay McKee. (mckee@champlain.edu)

What’s the format?

After brief introductions, there will be a brainstorming session until 9:00 am focused on the one or two “takeaways” provided by the “client.”
There will be refreshments.

When are the meetings?

Unless otherwise scheduled, the third Wednesday of the month at 7:45am until 9:00am


Room 217 Ireland Building, 391 Maple Street, Champlain College, Burlington, Vermont

Will the meetings be warned?

Yes, members will receive an e-mail informing them of upcoming meeting and will receive the “client’s” answers (form).

Why Champlain College?

Over the years, several the Kelley Marketing Group members have been Champlainers. We thought that the Kelley Marketing Group fit in nicely with Champlain’s mission and we also saw it as an opportunity to introduce our students to observe marketing in action.

Where to park?

Generally there is street parking available. Nevertheless, you will receive a parking permit for nearby Champlain College off street lots. Please print it, and display it on your dashboard.

Are you interested in becoming a consultant for The Kelley Marketing Group?

If you are a marketing professional and are interested in joining, e-mail Jay McKee. (mckee@champlain.edu). You will not be required to attend all meetings. If you have an idea for the “client”, but are unable to attend, just send your thoughts to Jay and he will present it or send it directly to the “client.”